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Dan Zanes | poster design

Concert poster produced for the Grammy-winning group Dan Zanes and Friends. I wanted to convey the spirit of Dan Zanes' fun-loving, upbeat and self-proclaimed "handmade 21st century all-ages social music".

Client: CenterStage

Dan Zanes and Friends gig concert poster

cherryholmes live | poster design

Informational poster created to promote a live performance and multiple workshops featuring award-winning bluegrass group Cherryholmes. The design incorporates a variation of their home state Tennessee's flag encircled by each of the band member's respective instruments.

Client: CenterStage

Cherryholmes live poster

new dawn films | web design

New Dawn Films requested a website with a clean, well-structured layout but also wanted the user to feel as if they had stepped into one of my paintings. The result is a world of organic textures where natural life-forms and film equipment merge seemlessly as one. Live website available at newdawnfilm.com

Client: New Dawn Films

New Dawn Films Film Web Design

New Dawn Films Film Web Design

wedding invitation | print design

Wedding invitations designed for a private client's silver, red, and black wedding. The design is clean and simple but utilizes subtle textures to add a sense of elegance and depth. Stark white envelopes were chosen to contrast with the black backside of the invitations.

Client: Private Client

Wedding invitation design and return cards

Watercolor | fine art prints

I believe strongly that a graphic designer should feel comfortable generating visuals with their hands and traditional media. These prints are part of a series of visuals that was created using watercolors on 140lb paper. More from this series of work can be seen here on my Behance Page.

Client: Personal Project

Watercolor painting print What Does Your Soul Look Like

lemuria | package design

Package design for Pebble, the newest release from Buffalo, New York-based indie punk band Lemuria. The CD or LP can be purchased here.

Client: Bridge Nine Records

Lemuria Pebble CD package

de novo salon | web design

De Novo Salon requested a web design that reflected with a calming, organic feel to match the interior of their salon. I drew visual inspiration from the textured, earth-tone wallpaper and Victorian-esque decorations present in the salon. Live website available at denovosalon.com

Client: De Novo Salon

De Novo Salon Web Design

De Novo Salon Web Design

central links | brochure design

Community impact report for Celtral Links consortium of central Massachusetts higher education. This 12-page brochure takes an innovative approach to presenting data in an effecient manner that is suitable for a broad audience including: prospective students, parents, faculty, and state legislators, all while remaining visually appealing.

Client: Central Links

Central Links community impact reportCentral Links community impact report

Metrowest Yoga | poster designs

Metrowest Yoga Studio located in both Westboro and Worcester contacted me about creating multiple posters to publicize special events and clinics held at their studios. Posters for two of the events can be seen here.

Client: Metrowest Yoga Studio

Metrowest Yoga promo posters

visions 2010 | brochure design

Visions is a juried selection of student work from the Communication Media Department at Fitchburg State College. The brochure utilized Penrose triangles to represent the multiple innovative approaches that can be taken by student towards creative problem solving.

Client: Fitchburg State College

Fitchburg State College Presents Visions 2010 brochure

Fitchburg State College Presents Visions 2010 brochure

sam bush | poster design

Gig poster for bluegrass legend Sam Bush. When CenterStage requested a poster for this event I thought it would be a great opportunity to mix some of my hand drawn illustrations into my design work.

Client: CenterStage

Sam Bush gig poster


EveryArt is an online company that connects people with artists to commission original pieces of artwork. They believe that commissioning is an amazing and intimate way to experience art. Their logo strikes a balance between contemporary professional and artistic exploration.

EveryArt logo logo divider

Boston STD Clinic

Boston STD Clinic is a service provided by Boston Medical Center. They requested a logo design that was representative of Boston while conveying a clean bill of health in an approachable manner.

Boston STD Clinic Logo
logo divider

Cate Brown Photo

Rhode Island based photographer Cate Brown requested a logo for her freelance business. The logo conveys the feeling of a shutter closing to take a picture and was developed without any computer aid to also create an organic representation of her oceanscapes and nature photography.

Cate Brown Photography logo
logo divider

Maintain the Power

Maintain the Power is a clothing brand dedicated to mainting artist's vision. When collaborating to create work for their clothing collections, MTP puts the artists and illustrators first and lets them be the guiding light in the design process.

Maintain the Power logo logo divider

central links

Logo developed for Central Links, a consortium of the four public Central Massachusetts colleges that use best practices to enhance visibility and the image of the colleges. The logo expresses a feeling of unity and working together towards forward progress.

Central Links logo logo divider

flawless filtration

Flawless Filtration is a start-up company based in the South Shore of Boston. Their primary service offered is the installation of large water filtration units that provide homes with pure water in every outlet from the kitchen sink to the shower.

Flawless Filtration logo


Adam LoRusso is a graphic designer and visual artist from Boston, Massachusetts. His unique perspective allows him to value function over form as a designer and form over function as an artist. This combined insight utilizes both creative views in order to reach strong and innovative visual solutions. Adam completed his degree in both Graphic Design and Art at Fitchburg State University. His fine art website and blog can be found at Last Light Art.com

Adam is currently available for commissions and collaborations so feel free to contact him with any inquiries.
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select clients

USS Constitution Museum
Boston Medical Center
Bridge Nine Records
Fitchburg State University
New Dawn Films
Metrowest Yoga Studios
Cate Brown Photography
Newbury St Magazine
Hammond Art Gallery


"Adam has all of the best qualities in a designer, imagination and creativity balanced with a tremendous work ethic and enthusiasm."

Mary Chapin Durling
Director, CenterStage Fitchburg
Fitchburg, Massachusetts


Full PDF resume is available HERE.


adam lorusso
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united states




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